Pallet Network

Experience unmatched reliability with 99.9% delivery success rates. We’re proud shareholder members of Palletline, the UK's most dependable pallet network.

  • Next-day UK and economy services to over 29 European countries
  • The transport industry’s most powerful track & trace capabilities
  • Only UK Network on Amazon’s Inbound Preferred Carrier Programme (IPCP)

Our Palletline membership means complete and consistent coverage for our customers, wherever you are in the UK. Moving 5 million pallets each year, Palletline’s innovative model ensures reliability, flexibility and scalability, all year round.

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Since 1992

The UK’s most reliable Pallet Network

We are proud shareholder members of the Palletline network, the UK's first and most reliable palletised distribution network. From overnight to economy solutions, Browns can deliver your palletised freight on time and within budget to over 29 European countries.

Our multi-hub model means complete and consistent coverage for our customers, wherever you are in the UK. Every one of the 5 million pallets moved each year is handled by specialist transport and logistics providers, just like us. 

Palletline are industry leaders in quality and innovation. With the development of the ‘hub and spoke’ distribution method, they revolutionised how pallets are transported across the UK and Europe.

Driven by customer experience, the Network’s member-owned regional hub portfolio is able to handle significant volume increases throughout the year with no reliance on a single central facility.

Palletline - network freight distribution

  • Overnight (24hr) to Economy (72hr) services
  • Delivery to over 29 European destinations
  • Weekend & bank holiday services by arrangement
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The Palletline Difference

Industry leaders in quality and innovation

Browns are the largest inputters of freight into the Palletline Network.

Complete Traceability

Photo PODs, ETA alerts, Digital Signature Capture, and a brand-new CCTV tracking view.

Low Damage Rates

Industry-leading exceptionally low damage rates at just 0.07%. 

Industry Leading Quality

Performance tracking 2% higher than the Association of Pallet Network’s average.

Exceptional Customer Service

Dedicated account managers, backed up by our team of transport experts.

Unmatched Experience

Over 30 years at the forefront of palletised freight distribution.

The Safest Network

Innovative safety technology and RoSPA Gold winners for 9 consecutive years.

Multi-hub Model

Unique multi-hub model reduces annual mileage by 4.5 million miles.

Green Efficiency

Higher vehicle utilisation equating to 7.5 tonnes of CO2 removed from our roads per year. 

The Power of Partnership

Browns work with some of the UK's largest and most recognisable brands through the Palletline Network, trusted to deliver freight safely and on schedule.

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Inbound Preferred Carrier Programme

Amazon's only Approved Network Partner

Palletline is a proud partner of Amazon and the only UK pallet network selected for its Inbound Preferred Carrier Programme (IPCP). Through its network of logistics specialists, Palletline consolidates inbound freight and delivers to Amazon Fulfilment Centres (FCs) nationwide, utilising fixed delivery time slots.

Proud Partner

Palletline has enjoyed a successful partnership with Amazon, being a trusted carrier for almost 10 years.

Daily Fixed Slots

Consolidation of freight into nationwide fulfilment centres offers fast and reliable transit times.

Minimised Risk

With priority access into fulfilment centres, you can get protection against late fees and fines. 

Reduced Admin

Simply despatch your pallets to Palletline with the required information to book a delivery slot and we take care of the rest.

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