Full Loads & Groupage


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Operating across the UK and Europe, our advanced consignment scheduling platform, with route optimisation software enables us to utilise our vehicles with high efficiency bringing benefits to both business and the environment.

Find out more about how Browns Distribution utilises modern technology that is designed to benefit you.

With our own large fleet of vehicles, we excel at meeting clients’ needs through groupage and full load distribution solutions.

At Browns Distribution we view each and every consignment as an individual project with its own specific requirements, deadlines and ancillary service. Which means, our entire team including; drivers, office personnel and management, work as a single unit to create a successful delivery.

Full Loads

As the business industry becomes more and more globalised, so does the demand for materials, and goods. For your business to meet growing demands it requires nothing less than efficient, and sustainable logistics, in order to distribute across vast distances, and deliver in-full, on time.

Another load off your mind.

From the day of collection right through to the day of delivery your palletised goods are in good hands.

Offering a range of vehicle specifications and capacity, the Browns Distribution fleet can accommodate a variety of your requirements. Operating a combination of equipment that includes; double deck, straight frame, curtain sided, box and tail lift trailers we have a solution for you.

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Utilising cutting edge technology and economic logistic strategies such as our ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, Browns Distribution is dedicated to providing an outstanding national and international palletised freight service.

In order to provide the most cost-effective way to distribute a multiple pallet consignment or to send a single pallet we have carefully crafted a dynamic service offering. Because we understand the needs of our customers and take great care to fit seamlessly into their supply chain, we must maintain our reputation of being flexible.


“efficiency” is easy to say, but to achieve it, requires genuine flexibility with speed and reliability.

Groupage is the broad term used in our industry for pallet consignments that equate to less than a full load or part load it derives from the concept of ‘grouping’ freight together, rather like a jigsaw puzzle, in order to make the most out of a vehicle’s capacity. What this means to you is that you can send a single pallet or multiple pallets shrink wrapped and presented for transit in a variety of configurations and only pay for the space your freight utilises.

Even our cost model can be designed around your needs.

We know that pallets come in all shapes sizes take a look at our pallet presentation guidelines for more information. Because of this, our tariff’s can be structured around a best fit to your freight.

With a range of operational methodology at our fingertips, we can manage Groupage a number of ways. Whether it be on our own vehicles to a one-off point, regular delivery destinations or via our express service via our Palletline network membership we have access to many solutions that enable you to overcome any logistical barriers that may stand in the way of your company and success.

Part Loads

Can’t quite fill a vehicle?

Part loads make up the middle ground between Groupage and Full Loads. Each service specification has a competitive break point.

We have a team of experts who are highly skilled in delivering optimised solutions based on the complexity of all industry sectors and the individual specific requirements each on has.

To explore how Browns Distribution can design a cost-effective palletised collection and palletised delivery service around your business get in touch.

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