Browns Staff Training Day

Here at Browns, our drivers are a vital part of our everyday operations. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the top-class service our customers are used to!

That’s why we thought it was really important for our Traffic Office to further their understanding of how our drivers carry out their daily checks and how they declare their trucks safe and road legal before they head out onto public roads.

Driver Training and Welfare Manager, Mark Knapper, organised a training session to demonstrate and explain the ins and outs of what our drivers have to undertake before their vehicle is allowed to leave the yard.

While Mark was walking us around the trucks and trailers, he went through some of the essential vehicle checks that must be ticked off the list, including checking engine fluid levels, tyre conditions, lights and visibility, as well as those crucial air and brake lines!

After a tour of the outside, we were then invited into the cabin to see the world from a driver’s perspective.

Ross Kiernan, Transport Operations Manager commented:

  • “We’re dedicated to giving our Traffic Office a better understanding of our vehicles and our driver's roles to aid them in their day-to-day work. This training session has been designed to offer that all-important insight to the world of trucking.”

The training session was a great success, with some fantastic feedback from all who took part.

One of our trainees added:

  • “It was a really interesting session. I never knew our drivers had to do so many checks before heading out on the roads. It made me realise just how much work is involved in getting pallets from A to B!”

Following the training, we’ve listed our top 4 take aways:

  • Check, check, and check again! 
    It’s paramount that your vehicle is in tip-top condition when you head out onto the road. From checking every single tyre on the tractor unit and trailer for defects to making sure all lights are operational, including indicators and those all-important brake lights, every part of the truck must be thoroughly checked and tested.
  • The Small Details! 
    There are a number of essential checks that may not be so obvious, like making sure there are enough straps inside the trailer to secure your load, and ensuring the bed of the trailer is free from dust and dirt, to making sure the radio is operational to keep drivers alert and entertained through their long days of driving.
  • Safety is key! 
    Safety is the most important thing when it comes to checking your vehicle. Make sure you’re aware of your surroundings when completing your checks – wear hi-vis, and use gloves when performing tyre checks in case any sharp debris is stuck in the tyre treads.
  • Time is precious! 
    It’s not just the collection and delivery schedule drivers have to worry about. The time drivers log in their tachograph for vehicle checks and breaks is just as important.

Ross has confirmed that once everyone has had this training, Browns will be running another toolbox talk in the future, focusing on Drivers Hours and European Working Time Directive!

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Published: Wednesday 9th March 2022