Thank You to Ryan Tarrant for 29 Years of Service

Over the last 29 years, Ryan Tarrant has been a true asset to Browns Distribution and we’d like to thank him for all his dedication and hard work; We all wish him the very best with his retirement!

Ryan Tarrant

Ryan joined Browns Distribution back in 1992 as a General Haulage Driver, but before taking the plunge and walking a new career path, he owned his own company working as trailer mechanic where he landed his Class 1 drivers' licence.

His work certainly didn’t go unnoticed; In 1995, just 3 years after Ryan joined the company, he was promoted to Lead Trunk Driver when Browns partnered with Palletline.

He then decided to move on to Night Trunking, which really showed Ryan’s commitment to progressing in his career at Browns!

He would often carry out his night shifts and head straight back into the main office at around 5am to complete all the notes for the Transport team before they arrived. Ryan did this for at least 6 years when he first took on Night Trunking and proved to be a true team player.

Ryan also built strong relationships with the Palletline team in their first few years of trade, and to this very day, they still recall fond memories of him and his fantastic sense of humour.

Ironically, Ryan had such great relationships with the staff at Palletline that when it came to presentation evenings and Christmas parties, he would be the one introducing Browns’ management team to Palletline’s management team!

It’s safe to say that during Ryan’s time at Browns, nothing was ever too much trouble and he has always gone above and beyond for everyone...

As a matter of fact, last Friday Ryan attended a serious breakdown on the M6 where the wheels of a Browns trailer had caught fire. He swiftly arrived on scene and jumped straight into action, calling the emergency services first and foremost, before calling Palletline to advise of delays.

Thanks to his heroic efforts last week, both the driver and the freight were unharmed and were sent back to Browns’ main hub, where Ryan helped his colleagues put a plan into action to have all the freight delivered the following day.

  • "Ryan will leave a huge hole in the team here at Browns. He really was such a character - not only was he enormously funny and social, but he always went above and beyond with his work. I personally cannot thank Ryan enough for the work he’s done for us over the last 30 years. He will be dearly missed by everyone here!"
    - Mick Stirzaker, Transport Manager.
Published: Friday 25th June 2021