New Industry Leading Online Tracking

Browns Distribution is thrilled to announce that we have made huge improvements to our online tracking page, and you can now track consignments without actually logging into your customer portal.

First of all, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have just finished improving our tracking page! Our in-house Web Development team has been working incredibly hard behind the scenes, going to all extremes to improve our tracking page and make it much more user-friendly for everyone.

Furthermore, we wanted to ensure that you always have full access to consignment tracking information without the time and trouble involved with logging into your customer portal. For this reason, we have introduced a much quicker and easier way of tracking consignments to give you the peace of mind you very much deserve when sending a pallet with Browns Distribution.

In summary, our new and improved tracking system gives you:

  • Full access to the collection and delivery scans as shown below:

  • ETA updates if they are available for your consignment
  • The ability to access tracking details using the delivery location postcode
  • Complete peace of mind that your consignment has been collected and delivered successfully

    Tracking - Delivery Complete

Rather than signing into your customer portal each time you wish to track a consignment, you can view your tracking details by entering the delivery location postcode; it's that easy. You do also have the option to enter your Browns Consignment ID to obtain all tracking details, but the idea of this feature is to provide you with the easiest and quickest tracking system in the industry.

On a final note, we would like to share a huge ‘thank you’ to our in-house Web Development team for their continuous hard work and dedication in making sure your experience on our website is one that is simple and hassle-free. We take immense pride in working on and launching new features designed to make business with Browns more streamlined.

We hope that you enjoy using Browns’ new tracking page for your future consignments. As always, all feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated. 

Published: Friday 19th March 2021