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Our strategic management team have been busy planning for success in what marks a powerful transition for Browns Distribution.

strategic management team

Business planning, sounds simple right? Well the reality is, the process can be but the commitment to getting it done, that’s another story.

It is so often the case that businesses, especially SME’s, overlook the investment of time to plan for success in favour of ‘rolling the sleeves up’ & ‘getting stuck in’, because that’s the quickest way to get results isn’t it? Maybe the short term will see this mindset pay off. But, what about the future? How do you know that the business is reaching its potential if you haven’t paved the way and given the workforce something to aim for, beyond getting through the week ahead?

Okay, so we accept that there are plenty of successful businesses that don’t spend hours in the board room diligently completing S.W.O.T analysis, identifying the key strategic objectives for the year ahead & identifying specific departmental objectives, never mind the plan to communicate, well the ‘plan’, or agonising about the wording of the company Vison, Mission & Core values…. But they do all spend hours in meetings, that’s for sure.

A UK Study Found

"The average office worker spends 10 hours 42 minutes every week, preparing for and attending 4.4 meetings, with 2.6 of those deemed unnecessary. With the average meeting revealed to have 6.8 attendees, this equates to annual staff costs for unnecessary meetings per business of £35,395.36, based on ONS average earnings data. With 5.4 million businesses in the UK, this means the total staff cost per year of unnecessary meetings is more than £191bn."

Let’s face it, who hasn’t sat in a meeting (or several) & counted ceiling tiles or planned an evening meal whilst trying to nod compliantly in the all the right places, secretly hoping not to be called upon to contribute to the conversation, because despite being in the room you haven’t actually been….in the room?!

Poorly planned & executed meetings are partly to blame alongside a lack of individual commitment to the meeting. If each of us had to contribute a portion of our salary towards the cost of the meeting, perhaps more care would be taken to make the meeting count. Doubting that would ever catch on, Browns Distribution have taken the bull by the horns & in addition to delivering a robust strategic business plan the management team have implemented some meeting commitments.

Introducing the 4 P’s

  • P unctual
    Being on time, saves money, lead by example.
  • P repared
    "I've been too busy" … doesn’t cut it & make sure you have a notebook & pen.
  • P resent
    Leave distractions outside the room, be present and in the moment.
  • P ositive
    Bring a good attitude & join in with the aim of achieving the meeting objectives.

Pre & post meeting administration includes; agenda setting, meeting preparation, minutes and actions!

The team have even managed to make meetings engaging, who said logistics is dull?

fun in meetings

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Published: Monday 17th February 2020