Manage Your Storage & Warehousing Needs

With increasing pressures on budgets and profit margins, businesses are often faced with the understandable dilemma of whether they should provide their own warehouse and storage facilities or whether it is more cost effective in the long run to use a specialist company.


Browns Distributions MD David Brown Jnr reveals all...

This is a discussion I have frequently with potential clients. Many are now coming to understand that the secret to storing their products effectively relies on the specialised knowledge brought by an external service. This ultimately will save their business money.

These are my top tips for understanding the benefits of using a professional warehousing and logistics service.

  • You will save money by benefiting from our specialist Warehouse Management System specially developed for product distribution and warehousing, without incurring onerous set up costs. This will enable you to monitor your inventory in real time.
  • A professional warehouse allows for a FIFO (1st IN, 1st OUT) method of stock rotation offering excellent stock management.
  • As we’re used to warehousing a variety of merchandise we have all the handling right equipment, and unrivaled transport links.
  • We believe we have built our business on building strong relationships with all of our clients by offering excellent customer service.

Here at Browns, we can advise you how to optimise your processes to reduce costs, delays and achieve great value for money. If you have any more questions about your warehousing and storage needs, please contact us.

Published: Friday 9th June 2017