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Thrilled to announce the launch of the new Browns Distribution Website which marks the next step of evolution for our digital presence in the marketplace.

Over the years, the concept of digital presence has been somewhat lacking "oomph" in the haulage industry. Considered unnecessary you could say "well we couldn't have been more wrong as a sector. We have entered a digital age, elections are fought and won on social media and the reality is, the days of selecting a transport partner by spotting a vehicle, jotting down the number and giving them a ring when you get five. have long gone!

There may be the occasional case of "old fashioned" prospecting, there is a lot to be said for tradition so we're not ready to take our phone number off the vehicles just yet! but perhaps when technology has reached the unfathomable stage of telepathy, in an age where you will just be able to think about Browns and one of our team will ring you, we'll consider it! Though, with the development of driverless trucks underway, who knows what's just around the corner maybe we will be able to just wish your freight to the right place, at the right time, who knows?! The expectation of millennials and even more so, centennials is instant connectivity to, well everything.

This is not our first rodeo, if you saw our old website then you will have had the opportunity to see how far we have come.

The realisation that our vehicles are our biggest marketing tool came a long long time ago, sixty-four years actually, when the business was first established, the realisation that our website was a close second triggered the investment in our shop window!

We want to invite you in to take a look around our palletised freight department store. We have joined the digital high-street, as we like to call it and with services of all shapes and sizes designed to enhance the most complex of business needs, we are confident you will find something that fits seamlessly into your supply chain!

All feedback is welcomed so don't be shy to drop a note in our virtual suggestions box (too far?) and give us your thoughts.


Published: Friday 20th December 2019