Alf Booth Retirement - Thank You

Browns Distribution would like to thank Alf Booth for his years of hard work and dedication, following his recent retirement. 

Alf joined the business in April 1990 and successfully fulfilled a number of roles including a long stint as one of our drivers. 

As a thank you for 30 years of loyalty to the business, we recently visited Alf and Margaret to present him with a watch. 

Alf has played a huge role in the success of the company over a long period of time, and has worked for three generations of the Brown family. 

Upon receiving his retirement gift, Alf was also kind enough to share his thoughts from the last 30 years in the role. 
“I put a lot of hours in at Browns and I was always there at 5am when I needed to be. 

“When I started as a driver, I was working for old Mr Brown ‘Snr Snr’. He was very good and very straight talking, he called a spade a spade! 

“Obviously then I was working for Mr Brown Snr and I also got on very well with him. I eventually took over as the yard foreman, and then had the chance to work with David Jnr. 

“Again, I can’t fault David and he’s been great. I really can’t knock them; they are very good people to work for and I would never say a bad thing about them.” 

David Brown Jnr, Managing Director of Browns Distribution, delivered the watch to Alf and would like to place his gratitude on record. 

“Alf has served the business extremely well for many years. We are grateful to Alf for all of his hard work and he will be sorely missed. 

“I would also like to thank his wife Margaret, Alf was always up first thing in the morning or on call, and Margaret never complained about the early starts!” 

When we spoke to Alf recently, we also asked him about his favourite memory from his time at Browns. 

Through all his kind words, Alf was still as blunt as ever… ‘Well, my money was in there every week!’ 

Everyone at Browns would like to wish Alf all the best for the future, and a very happy retirement. 

Published: Monday 2nd November 2020