A Huge Thanks to Our Team

All of us here at Browns Distribution would like to express our sincere thanks to the entire team for their tireless work throughout the pandemic.

Thank you team...

The past year has been extremely challenging for a lot of us. The pandemic has caused worldwide disruption, worry, and heartache. Businesses have had to adapt quickly and only the most agile have been able to survive through these tough times. Thankfully though, we can now begin to see the light, and be hopeful that the reign of COVID is almost over.

One of the most significant keys to our success throughout lockdown has been our incredible team. As the world came to a stop, they kept going – keeping not only Browns in motion, but the rest of the country too.

Our drivers have played a vital role in this as the face of the business on the frontline, still providing top-class service throughout multiple national lockdowns. Their contribution and dedication throughout the last year fills us all with immense pride.

As part of the thank you to our drivers, we have issued a department-wide pay increase in return for just how much they have contributed to the success of Browns throughout these hard times.

Lockdown has undoubtably been testing, but it shows just how well our team are able to pull together and find the strength to keep on going – and for that we admire you all, and we are hugely grateful for everything you do. We’re overjoyed as a team to have powered through a once in a millennia event, and find our way to the other side together and stronger than ever! Long may that continue.

Published: Monday 24th May 2021